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  • Roof Trusses

    Prefabricated timber roof trusses have become the most commonly used timber framing system in Australian residential and light commercial buildings as it offers an efficient alternative to traditional pitched roofs.


  • Truss Design

    We have developed roof truss design software, Pryda Build, which enables our licensed truss and frame manufacturers to design and manufacture roof trusses for everything from basic to the most intricate roof design.


  • Pryda Roof Trusses

    Consider the cost savings and reduced environmental impact you can achieve by using  timber roof trusses manufactured by licensed Pryda truss and frame manufacturers, no matter what layout you’re after.

Australia’s Choice for Timber Framing & Roof Truss Solutions

For over 40 years, prefabricated timber framing has been fundamental to Australian building practices. One of the critical functions of the structural timber framework is to support the weight of the roof. It is essential that your roof truss and timber frame is structurally sound, especially when using clay or slate roof tiles and building in cyclonic wind zones.

Roof trusses are a critical part of the timber framing design. They are individually engineered which optimises the timber truss components to suit the design loads applied to them. Manufacturing of roof trusses optimises timber stock, leading to minimisation of timber waste.

Pryda has established itself as a trusted Australian brand, facilitating our licensed roof truss and frame manufacturers with the ability to provide designs for over four decades. With our fully integrated design software and highest levels of technical support, we are able to assist our truss and frame manufacturers provide premium quality and the most cost effective timber framing solutions.

The key benefits of timber roof trusses include:

  • Economical  Long, clear spans of 10-15 metres can be achieved without the need for internal supports. This is particularly useful in open plan designed homes.
  • Design Flexibility  Accommodate a variety of additions such as air conditioning units, hot water systems, skylights and other architectural roof features such as box gutters.
  • Easy Installation  Greatly reduce project completion times with delivery straight to site and easy installation.

Providing Outstanding Customer Service is our Priority

With your needs identified and a team of experts and licensed truss and frame manufacturing network providing the dedicated customer service you expect, the focus becomes on improving your bottom line.

Trained Pryda Build users, plan the roof truss design to maximize the speed of installation on site while ensuring a structurally sound timber frame.

With faster build times, fewer resources and the expertise of industry leaders in roof truss design and manufacture, you can achieve optimal results on projects of all sizes.

Pryda and our licensed truss and frame manufacturers have been an integral brand of the building industry in Australia with the development of a range of services and solutions in timber framing connections, including:

  • Roof truss design and manufacture
  • Timber framing design and manufacture
  • On time delivery of Trusses and Frames
  • Cost effective design to ensure you achieve net installed cost saving benefits

To find out more information on the design and supply of your roof trusses, get in contact with us by going to store-locator or call our office based in Victoria on 1800-810-741.



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