Pryda Roof Trusses

Australia's Leading Roof Truss Manufacturers

Consider the cost savings and reduced environmental impact you can achieve by using ¬†timber roof trusses manufactured by licensed Pryda truss and frame manufacturers. Whether you are after a traditional design or a more complex layout, you can reduce your timber usage, build time and waste in comparison to a regular pitched roof… It is our commitment to providing roof truss solutions for a wide range of roof shapes which has established our licensed Pryda truss and frame manufacturers as experts in roof truss design.

Dedicated to Reliability

Safety is a primary concern on every construction site and we understand the need to maintain the highest standards in every aspect of your project. We ensure all of our prefabricated timber constructions are designed and manufactured according to high Australian engineering and safety standards. Over the years, we have successfully designed and manufactured for both light commercial and residential projects, continuously raising the benchmark in roof design.

If you are looking for premium roof trusses you can rely on, discover the benefits of our prefabricated timber framing products. All of our solutions are engineered and have the documentation to support the designs. Additionally, as they are made from renewable and recyclable materials, all of our products have a low carbon footprint.

Advantages of Pryda Roof Trusses

  • Experienced roof truss designers and manufacturers located Australia wide
  • Roof truss designers are trained¬†in the use of Pryda Build software
  • Cost effective, practical, engineered designs
  • Truss and frame designs to accommodate complex roof shapes
  • Design and layout documentation supplied with the roof trusses
  • Peace of mind for building authorities and certifying engineers
  • Quick and easy to erect
  • Timely delivery service to your location
  • On site engineering support when required

Providing Premium Quality & Cost Effective Timber Framing Solutions.