Roof Trusses

Australia's Choice for Timber Framing Solutions

Prefabricated timber roof trusses have become the most commonly used timber framing system in Australian residential and light commercial buildings as it offers an efficient alternative to traditional pitched roofs.

As market leaders in timber framing solutions, we collaborate with the truss installers as part of our product development process. It is our sheer commitment to providing high quality products and services that meet high Australian and NZ standards which has made us an integral part of the building industry in Australiasia for over 50 years. To help create awareness of competitors importing non-compliant timber connectors into Australia, we have developed an educational campaign for individuals in the construction industry product-compliance. Safety is our priority as all of our prefabricated roof trusses are designed , manufactured and installed utilising only the most reliable steel for maximum durability and design performance.

Benefits of Roof Trusses

Timber frame buildings are now being designed to meet low energy construction standards as timber has a high standard of thermal comfort while consuming minimal non-renewable energy. Timber in lightweight construction, such as timber roof trusses is a superior material compared to steel and concrete as it uses a comparatively small amount of non-renewable energy in its extraction and manufacture. Less energy is consumed to maintain warmth in the building since timber never gets cold and is able to retain heat.

Beyond energy efficiency, there are many benefits of timber trusses including:


Cost Effectiveness

Long clear spans, 10 – 15 metres without the need for internal supports.


Easy Installation

A roof truss job is supplied as an entire package.


Time Saving

Builders won’t be required to stay on site as long due to efficient installations.



The roof truss design is coordinated with the wall frame plan.


Design Flexibility

Trusses can be designed to accommodate a variety of additions.


Peace of Mind

The Pryda Build software produces detailed specifications and documentation.



All timber trusses will be delivered to your site and, as they are design specific.



Pryda utilises world-best technology to provide the full package to licensed plants

Providing Premium Quality & Cost Effective Timber Framing Solutions.