Truss Design

Pryda Build Roof Truss Design Software

We have developed roof truss design software, Pryda Build, which enables our licensed truss and frame manufacturers to design and manufacture roof trusses for everything from basic to the most intricate roof design. Pryda Build truss design software has established a reputation for reliability and efficiency as 140 of the 400 truss and timber framing manufacturers within Australasia use our system. From independent boutiques to large corporations, customers rely on our innovative solutions and team of experienced professionals

Truss Designs to Ensure On-Site Efficiencies

Using Pryda Build software, below are just a few of the initiatives a number of Pryda licensed truss and frame manufacturers have introduced to reduce the overall cost and risk to the builder:

  • Job preferences
    Every job will be detailed with the builder’s specific requirements
  • Intuitive truss designs
    Giving strength and structural integrity t0 Australian standards
  • Camber designed into the truss
    Variation between adjacent trusses is kept to a minimum
    •  Flexible truss layouts 
      Reduces the cost of your supporting structure
    •  Optimised truss layouts
      Efficient and cost effective whilst minimising the installation time
    •  Clear and concise  layouts
      Aids in easy and correct installation and minimises call backs

Providing Premium Quality & Cost Effective Timber Framing Solutions.